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April 13, 2020


Follow along as we use our Exterior Design App to choose colors for the Vynecrest Cottage home.

  1. It’s always helpful to start with inspiration. You could have “big picture inspiration” from which you’re recreating a home you saw and liked, or discover your inspiration by finding your “inspiration point,” from which you choose your color palette. An inspiration point helps like a roadmap, giving you a couple of options and guiding you to the final design. In this case, our inspiration point is the stone. We have chosen Shade Mountain, a soft blend of neutral, light greys and tans, in a Fieldstone shape. The Fieldstone fits in any farmhouse look and complements the more traditional design of the Vynecrest Cottage.
  2. The majority of the home will be surrounded in vinyl siding, so we selected the Cape Cod Gray to pull out the darker grey tones in the Shade Mountain stone. Smaller portions of exterior design, such as shakes and vertical siding, offer opportunity to introduce texture and personality. Here, the home expresses personality by choosing a subtle shade of blue (Harbor Blue, an Optional color) that also flows with the light neutrals of the stone and siding selections.

  3. Since this Vynecrest Cottage has maintained a soothing palette so far, deep Midnight Blue shutters color provided the perfect amount of depth and boldness, without overwhelming the overall look.

  4. The garage door stays white to lean into the home’s cottage feel and brightly pop against the light neutrals surrounding it. The front door and sidelight could also remain white to stand out from within the portico, or the door could be painted Midnight Blue like the shutters to subtly tie the whole package together like a bow.

  5. Starting with just a stone color palette selection, we were able to achieve a soft yet personable exterior with inviting appeal for all of their future friends, family, and guests!

Our Exterior Design App is available 24/7 for you to leisurely design your dream home. Blue shutters, bright red door, black windows, the options are endless!

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