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The Casciari Family - Saratoga Farms

Moving to a beautiful new home that was close to family with plenty of space was an important factor in their decision to relocate to Pennsylvania from New York. They believe they truly found their forever home and we were honored to help them make that dream come true!

Heckert Family Testimonial - Stone Harvest Estates

Hear Michelle & Aaron talk about their experiences buying from Tuskes Homes and living in our scenic Stone Harvest community, located in Coopersburg, PA!

The Bell Family - Sand Springs

Meet the Bell Family. Rob, Kelli, and their daughter Frani needed custom features added to their home - and Tuskes was more than happy to help. Watch their take on the building process, and how they're adjusting to life in their new home in the Sand Springs Community in Drums, Pa.

The Lot8ers Part I - Hanover Oaks

Meet the Walter Family: Judd, Rachel, and their two little boys are very excited Tuskes homeowners. Hear their unique take on the experience of building a new home in Hanover Oaks located in East Allen Township PA in the heart of the Lehigh Valley!

The Lot8ers Part II - Hanover Oaks

We hope you are having as much fun following this family and their home story as much as we have. Follow them to our Design Studio and get a sneak peek at their home in progress. We can't to show you the big reveal in Part III!

The Lot8ers Part III - Hanover Oaks

Drumroll is the final segment of the Walter Family's story that you've been waiting for! See how they've settled into their new home, and how Team Tuskes helped them get there. This is going to be a perfect family home for many, many years to come!

Tanya and Anthony - Saratoga Farms

Hear what Tanya and Anthony had to say about building in our Saratoga Farms community.

Wes and Pam - Sand Springs

Hear Wes and Pam talk about their experiences buying from Tuskes Homes and living in our scenic Sand Springs community, located in Drums, PA!

Mary Ann and Jeff - Sand Springs

Meet two-time Tuskes homeowners Mary Ann and Jeff, and hear their experiences with the Tuskes Homes team and living in Sand Springs!

Jill and Matt - Hanover Oaks

Hear Jill & Matt talk about their experiences buying from Tuskes Homes and living in our family-friendly Hanover Oaks community, located in East Allen Township, PA!

PJ and Tiffany - Maple Shade Estates

Hear what PJ and Tiffany have to say about their experience with Tuskes Homes.

Matt and Libby - Maple Shade Estates

Kim and Tejus - Eagles Landing

Ken and Theresa - Eagles Landing

Tuskes Homes Testimonial

Shreesh and Ketaki - Maple Shade Estates

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