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Color me sold! How paint color impacts your home’s sale price

June 15, 2017

You’re getting your home ready to put on the market. You clean out the clutter and the personal items. You boosted the curb appeal. You put a fresh coat of white paint on your bathroom walls. Which one of these actions will actually reduce the amount you get for your home? The white paint is going to cost you. According to Zillow’s 2017 Paint Color Analysis, the choice of light blue or periwinkle for your bathroom walls could increase your home’s sales price as much as $5,4440, while your white wall could lower the price by up to $4,035. Zillow studied 32,000 photos of homes that sold between 2010 and February 2017, and compared the price to the Zillow estimate, when compared to similar homes with white walls. They analyzed color combinations for various rooms and the exterior paint color to determine the best color choices. The right shades of blue and gray in certain living areas will fetch you a better price, too: $1,809 for the kitchen and $1,926 for the bedroom (light cerulean to cadet blue), but cost you $820 in your living room! Svenja Gudell, Zillow chief economist, explains, "Painting walls in fresh, natural-looking colors, particularly in shades of blue and pale gray not only make a home feel larger, but also are neutral enough to help future buyers envision themselves living in the space. Incorporating light blue in kitchens and bathrooms may pay off especially well as the color complements white countertops and cabinets, a growing trend in both rooms." Homes with the exterior paint color of “greige” (gray and beige) added $1,526, while medium brown, taupe, and stucco seemed to cut the selling price by almost $2,000. Even the color on your front door can increase your home’s sales value to a buyer. The choice of navy blue or dark gray could boost the selling price by $1,526. Here are some other room color choices to avoid:
  • Pink bedrooms = -$208
  • Yellow kitchen = -$820
  • Red dining room = -$2,031
For a minimal investment in the right paint colors, you can easily brush up the sale price of your home.

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